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Septic Tank Service and Installation in Newville, PA

Your home relies on a septic tank system, and you can't afford to have it stop working. Keep it working right and avoid costly repairs with regular cleaning and maintenance from D.E.W. & Sons Septic in Cumberland County, PA.

Our technicians provide complete septic tank inspections, maintenance, repair and pumping for both commercial and residential properties.

Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tanks fill up, and when they do, you need a dependable team to get your tank working at peak capacity again. Our fleet features 3 trucks, capable of pumping up to 3600 gallons of sewage and waste from your tank. There's no job too big or small for D.E.W. & Sons Septic and our array of equipment and multiple trucks means we're flexible enough to fit your schedule.

Once your tank is pumped, individual lines may need to be cleaned. We carry equipment for every job, so your entire system can get a fresh clean. D.E.W. & Sons Septic uses an 1800PSI Line Jetter and various Electric EEL Snakes to fit a variety of pipe diameters.
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Septic Tank — Maintenance in Harrisburg, PA

Septic and Sewer Inspections

Even when your septic system seems to be working fine, it's important to give it a regular checkup. We inspect every tank and system we clean, using a 200ft Line Inspection Camera. D.E.W. & Sons Septic will review the report and recommend any maintenance needed to keep your tank functioning properly and avoid costly future repairs.

Septic Installations

Whether for your home or your business, the experts at D.E.W. & Sons Septic will outfit your property with a septic tank and system that meets your needs. We'll discuss your property's layout and design a system that includes a tank, drainfield and piping to handle waste. We can also install holding tanks, sand mounds, and pressure dose.
Septic Inspections — Cleaning in Harrisburg, PA
Let D.E.W. & Sons Septic know about your septic tank and its level of usage; we will be happy to set up a regular schedule for septic pumping and any other maintenance needed to keep up with your particular septic system's needs. Call 717-776-3708 to schedule your service today.
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