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Septic Additives and Additions near Harrisburg, PA

D.E.W. & Sons Septic near Harrisburg, PA, sells and installs septic additives and equipment to improve your system! Turn to our technicians to repair or replace any part including worn out or damaged cast iron sewer and conveyance pipes, septic tank stub-tees, surge boxes and distribution boxes.

CCLS Bacteria

This bacterial additive works to break down the waste in your septic tank, helping it stay fresher for longer!

Septic Drainer

Drainer prevents drain field failure and can keep your drain field working longer without maintenance.

Risers and Covers

For easy access to your septic tank or to bring it up to code, D.E.W. & Sons Septic can install manholes with risers and covers. We install 24" green manhole covers, nearly flush to the ground, to blend in with your lawn and maintain its appearance.
Water Pump — Maintenance in Harrisburg, PA
Ask us how some simple additions to your septic system could save you big bucks! Call D.E.W. & Sons Septic at 717-776-3708 today.
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